Keswick at Portstewart takes place for one week each July and aims to provide a high quality week of clear, faithful, Spirit-empowered and applied Bible teaching in a contemporary style: Hearing God’s Word / Becoming like God’s Son / Serving God’s Mission.


Keswick at Portstewart was established in 1914, then known as ‘The North of Ireland Keswick Convention’. It is the oldest surviving daughter convention of the world famous ‘Keswick Convention’, founded in 1875, and held annually in the English Lake District. While running for over 100 years, Keswick at Portstewart has continued to develop and has grown in popularity and vibrancy.


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Keswick at Portstewart lasts for one week during the month of July.  It takes place on its own grounds right at the heart of the beautiful coastal town of Portstewart, Northern Ireland and draws in excess of 1000 people each day.  As well as morning Bible Readings, Evening Celebrations, the event includes activities for young adults and we partner with Scripture Union (Portstewart CSSM) who run an action packed programme for children and young people.


As part of the fellowship of Keswick Ministries, the emphasis of Keswick at Portstewart is summed up in three words: hearing, becoming, serving.

Hearing God’s Word:  The Scriptures are the foundation for the church’s life, growth and mission, and we are committed to the preaching and teaching of God’s Word in a way which is faithful to Scripture and relevant to Christians of all ages and backgrounds.

Becoming like God’s Son:  From its earliest days the Keswick Movement has encouraged Christians to live godly lives in the power of the Holy Spirit, to grow in Christ-likeness and to live under His Lordship in every area of life.  This is God’s will for His people in every culture and generation.

Serving God’s Mission: The authentic response to God’s Word is obedience to His mission, and the inevitable result of Christ-likeness is sacrificial service.  We are committed to encouraging committed discipleship in family life, work and society, and energetic engagement in local and global mission.


Keswick at Portstewart is located at Convention Avenue,  Porstewart, Northern Ireland.