Daily Prayer Meetings: Monday to Friday 9.45am – 10.30am

Join with us each morning in the Prayer Tent as we pray not only for the ministry of the Convention but for the Church, our society, our world, and a move of God’s Spirit throughout our land. These prayer gatherings are open to everyone.

Prayer Ministry at each Evening Celebration

We have a team of trained and trusted people who are available in the Prayer Tent at the end of each of our Evening Celebrations to pray with you. Perhaps you would like someone to pray with you in response to what God has been saying, or perhaps there’s some other concern for which you would value prayer? Make your way to the Prayer Tent at the close of the Evening Celebration.

Pre Convention Prayer Evening

Join with us on Thursday 4th July at 8.00pm, on the Keswick site, as we pray for the ministry of this year’s Convention. An evening that’s open to all.